Plants that grow in cities are really epic heroes! Pick one near your home (maybe one that’s managing to grow in a really impressive spot!) to honor with a special poem. 

Find a printable PDF version of the Mad Libs poem here.

STEP ONE: Using your chosen plant to guide you, supply the requested words below. 

1: A name for your plant: _____________________

2 & 3: Two colors you see on the plant: ______________________ and ________________________

4, 5, & 6: Three adjectives (not colors) that describe your plant: ______________________, _____________________, and ____________________________.

7: How many leaves your plant has: _________________________

8: An adjective describing its leaves: ________________________

9: A word describing your plant’s size: _______________________

10: A challenge facing your plant/something it has to fight or endure: _______________________________________________________________________

11: Something your plant might see at night, if it had eyes: _______________________

12: Something close to where your plant is: ____________________________

13: Any positive/happy adjective: ______________________________

STEP TWO: Fill in the poem below with your words from above, matching numbers.

Once, little (1)___________, you were just a small seed

With plant parents who were great indeed!

(They don’t grow here; as a seed you traveled afar – Hitching a ride on fur, the wind, even stuck to a car!)

Now here you grow, so (2)________________, (3)________________, and bright!

You’re a (4)__________________, (5)__________________, (6)__________________ sight!

I look at your (7)__________________ (8)__________________ leaves – 

Producing some oxygen so I can breathe.

You’re (9)__________________ and quite mighty, growing right here

(10)______________________________________________________, but you show no fear!

You see (11)__________________ at night; next to (12)__________________ you grow.

But you’re humble and quiet and live your life slow.

Thank you, (1)__________________ for all that you give – 

You’re a (13)__________________ in my book as long as you live!

STEP THREE: You did it! Read your new epic poem aloud to your plant!

Created in partnership with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Virtual Family Day.