About Us

Sidewalk Plant Lab raises awareness and appreciation of the plants that thrive in human-dominated places, while empowering passersby to become scientists.

Our goal at the Sidewalk Plant Lab is for people to see plants, know plants, and talk about plants. We use urban plants as an entryway to science. We cure plant blindness.

We’re a pop-up booth and environmental education program based in Minneapolis, MN that travels to community events, public spaces, parking lots, and roadsides. We offer multiple ways for people to engage, and we’re always looking for new ways to meet people and expand our work.

At the Sidewalk Plant Lab, passersby become botanists (plant scientists.) They explore to find a yet-undiscovered plant in the surrounding area – then, using the tools and guides at the Lab itself, or from afar, they identify it, name it, and give it an original label. Naming things is powerful, and to name something means you need to study it! Everyone else that passes will see their discovery.

Nature is not “other.” The wild is all around us.

Thank you to the Seward Neighborhood Group for generously supporting the Sidewalk Plant Lab!

An early version of the physical Sidewalk Plant Lab.
An initial brainstorming sketch of the physical Sidewalk Plant Lab.