Join the Sidewalk Plant Lab team no matter where in the world you live!

These days, getting outside for a quick walk, jog, or bike ride has become an important highlight of many people’s routines. One of the greatest joys of being outside? Soaking in all the green and growing things around us! But how often do you really stop to smell (or feel, or observe, or listen to) the roses (or trees, or grass, or those little sprouts in the cracks of sidewalks)? 

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity for yourself, your family, or your students – maybe craving a break from staring at a screen – we’d love you to join the Plant Lab as a Sidewalk Botanist!

The idea is simple…

(1) Choose a plant, big or tiny, that’s growing near your home.

(2) Notice your plant’s beautiful details and give it a name.

(3) Make it a little sign so that anyone walking by will notice it too.

(4) Share your plant with the world!

Get all the details and info you need in one of the docs below, including NGSS*-aligned lesson plans for teachers, tips for a family activity, and one doc just for grownups feeling some cabin fever. And scroll down for photos sent in from Sidewalk Botanists in the field – your plant could be featured there soon!

Be a Botanist: For K-5 Teachers

Be a Botanist: For 6-8 Teachers

Be a Botanist: For Families

Be a Botanist: For Adults

*Next Generation Science Standards