Did you notice a plant today?

Our cities, towns, suburbs, and villages are rich in plants. Some of them are planted on purpose by the people who live or work there; some sneak in or are brought in accidentally from elsewhere and take over cracks in the concrete or unused patches of soil. They cool our cities, absorb stormwater, provide oxygen, welcome pollinators, help lower humans’ stress levels. And often, our eyes pass right over them.

At the Sidewalk Plant Lab, we notice plants – and you will too.

You can become a Sidewalk Botanist no matter where in the world you live! Visit the “Be a Botanist” tab to learn more.

We believe plants are important, that everyone can be a scientist, and that we all deserve a safe and beautiful environment, no matter where we live or who we are. Learn more about our work and where you can find us (or how you can bring us to your location) by exploring the menu above.

These are our sidewalks. These are our streets. This is our lab.